Waterproof piezoelectric speaker reaches mass production

Murata has commenced mass production of its ultra thin VSLBG2216E waterproof piezoelectric speaker. With a thickness of just 0.9 mm it is believed to be the world’s thinnest IPX7 speaker. Designed for consumer electronics applications, it is unlike other similar devices in that it does not require any additional waterproof membrane to be applied during end-product manufacture. Such additional membranes increase product time, costs and impacts the audio output quality of the speaker.  The VSLBG2216E series offers a flexible, space saving and cost effective design together with a higher quality of music reproduction.By using a piezoelectric element, without any magnet, ensures that the speaker is free of the ingress of metallic particles and has no electromagnetic noise that might affect other magnetic sensors that are incorporated into the product. Typical applications include mobile phones, tablet computers, e-book readers, digital cameras and portable music players.

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