Sealed snap action switch is ‘world’s smallest’

Omron Electronic Components is now supplying a switch it claims is the world’s smallest sealed snap action switch. The switch features an extra-long stroke, with an over-travel of 1.4mm, implemented without any additional internal mechanism to ensure reliable and consistent on/off operation.The D2HW ultra sub-miniature micro-switch has outer case dimensions that are just 78% of existing models – just 13.3mm (w) x 11.2mm (h) x 5.3mm (d).The basic sub-miniature switch is available with straight or angled terminal types and a choice of different actuator mechanisms including pin plunger, hinge lever and leaf lever. A maximum operating force of 0.75N is supported.
Supporting maximum voltage ratings of 125VAC at 0.1A or 42VDC at 0.5A and maximum operating current of 2A with an insulation resistance of 100Mohms, the D2HW will support up to 30 operations per minute and has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.
A proven product in the automotive industry, the D2HW is manufactured using environmentally friendly materials; all models are RoHS compliant and lead-free including moulded wire lead modules.

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