Low clamp voltage TVS diodes help protect against ESD

Infineon has introduced a new series of transient voltage suppression (TVS) diodes to improve system’s robustness against ESD events that can cause serious catastrophic or latent disturbances in consumer electronics products such as smart phones, tablets, eBooks and other portable computers. The new silicon devices are specially designed for protection of internal electronic circuits that interface with external connectors like headphone jacks, keypads and touch displays. During routine use, these external connectors can act as entry points for electrostatic discharges as they are directly exposed to the external world.

Implemented close to the external interface, Infineon’s new ESD5V3L1B diodes provide a low resistance path to ESD events and shunt the dangerous transient energy away from the downstream IC. Each TVS diode is bidirectional and suited to protect a single line with operating voltages within and up to ±5.3V. The new diodes are particularly suited for protection of audio CODECs and human interface devices like keypads, keyboards, convenience buttons and touch screens.

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