2.5kW 1U hot swap, front end power supplies offer leading power density

TDK-Lambda UK has expanded the HFE series of 1U high, single output AC-DC hot swap, front end power supplies with the addition of 2.5kW models. Offering an industry leading power density of 29W/in3, the HFE2500 power supply is equally well-suited for 2.5kW bulk power and Distributed Power Architecture (DPA) applications. All HFE2500 models feature full current-sharing capabilities and internal ORing MOSFET for isolation to support hot-swap and redundancy applications.

Operating from a universal 85 to 265Vac input, the HFE2500 features high efficiency of up to 93%, which minimises heat dissipation and power consumption. Up to ±20% output voltage adjustment is possible, enabling the HFE2500 to be customer set according to specific needs. Output voltage is programmable by resistance, external voltage or optional PMBus compatible I²C communication interface. Output current is external voltage or optional PM bus programmable.

The HFE2500-12, -24 and -48 power supplies, with dimensions of 325 x 107 x 41mm, can be used individually or up to four units can be mounted into a dedicated 1U rack delivering 10kW. A total of 8 units can be configured in parallel to form a hot swap N+1 redundant power system with single wire current sharing. A keying system prevents mis-insertion of modules into adjacent racks of differing voltage. Each power supply has variable speed, temperature-controlled cooling fans and can operate in temperatures ranging from -10 to +70°C.

Over voltage, over current and over temperature are standard protection features. For system monitoring, there are signal returns for DC OK, AC-fail, over temperature and PS exist. Remote ON/OFF control and remote sense are included. Monitoring is also available via the optional PMBus compatible I²C interface and includes a fan fail alarm.

The TDK-Lambda HFE2500 hot swap front end power supplies comply with EN55022 and FCC part 15 Class A radiated and Class B conducted emissions and meet IEC61000-4-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -8, and -11 immunity. The power supply units are safety approved to EN/UL 60950-1 edition 2 with CE mark. All HFE2500 power supplies from TDK-Lambda are backed by a three-year warranty.

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