Protoype multi-touch table to be shown at ISE

Pyramid Computer, a specialist manufacturer of custom IT systems, will be showcasing the first prototype of its 32-inch polytouch action table on the ‘polytouch world’ Stand #7C180 at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2012, taking place in Amsterdam, 31 January – 2 February. Alongside this innovative multi-touch table, two polytouch 22-inch standalone multi-media systems will also be presented for the first time at ISE. An additional seven 32-inch standalone system will be demonstrated by Pyramid and its international software partners sharing space on the stand.
ISE marks the first official presentation of the polytouch action table, a desk constructed of semi-transparent white acrylic with an integrated polytouch 32 all-in-one multi-touch system. The table is designed to attract crowds with its efficiency and interactivity, and its presence at ISE will highlight its diverse application possibilities. For example, when located in stores, directly at the POS, the table can connect to the online world to facilitate multi-channel strategies such as cross-selling, product promotion applications and social network integration. It is also ideal for interactive business consultancy, sales assistance and gaming.
The table with integrated polytouch 32 system incorporates 150 programmable high-brightness LEDs and full HD LCD screen (1920×1080), offering a wide viewing angle and non-reflective, solid glass surface. Integrated imagers permit objects or documents placed on the glass surface to be recognised and registered. Furthermore, the table offers the power of the latest generation of Intel processors (Core i7-2600) with HD 2000 graphics, giving developers the creative freedom to incorporate even the most advanced multi-user and 3D functionality.
The 22-inch model offers the same specifications as polytouch 32 but with a smaller screen size. Both are highly compact, frameless plug & play devices, making them flexible for use as standalone systems or for integration into counters, desks, totems or kiosks in any professional environment.
polytouch 22 and polytouch 32 are all-in-one systems featuring state-of-the-art Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT) by 3M, one of the most advanced touch control technologies available today.  3M PCT can support 10 simultaneous touches at an ultra-fast 10 millisecond response time while rejecting palms, allowing developers to create a natural, intuitive and responsive user experience. Furthermore, owing to the high precision touch capability and high processing power, both systems are perfectly suited to replicate popular business processes with high customer satisfaction.
A range of additional hardware components can be added to both polytouch systems via extension modules, depending on application requirements. These include barcode- or RFID-readers, speakers, Bluetooth modules and cameras.
polytouch 32 was recently deployed by Pyramid’s global sales partner Wincor Nixdorf for multi-touch, cross-channel order-taking systems in the new Marks & Spencer store on the Champs-Elysées, Paris. Each unit incorporates a 2D scanner, credit-card machine and receipt-printer, enabling direct payment.

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