Microdul adopts mixed-signal solution from Tanner and Dolphin

Microdul has adopted an integrated mixed-signal flow from Dolphin Integration and Tanner EDA. The solution brings together HiPer Silicon, Tanner EDA’s analogue design suite, with SMASH, Dolphin Integration’s logic and mixed-signal simulator, to provide an affordable and innovative mixed-signal EDA flow that operates smoothly from design capture to verification. Microdul benefits from a state-of-the-art design flow that ensures compatibility with several foundries’ PDKs.Coupling an easy-to-use schematic editor and a single kernel mixed-signal simulator supporting major modelling languages (Spice, C, Verilog, Verilog-A(MS), VHDL-AMS) with a layout editor and physical verification engine, this complete solution increases logic and mixed-signal designers’ productivity by providing natively mixed and multi-level simulation with innovative features for analogue and logic design defect detection. For ultimate ease of use, the mixed-signal simulations in SMASH can be directly driven and configured from Tanner EDA’s schematic capture tool, S-Edit.
Microdul, which is focused on medical devices, sensors, energy harvesting, timing and temperature applications, is the first user to benefit from this new complete HiPer Silicon / SMASH CAD flow. “We have been using SMASH for several years and are happy that it is now integrated into the HiPer Silicon design flow. We are using this flow for mixed-signal designs. It is important to our success that we can design top-down with a mixed-signal approach,” said Phil Poole, director semiconductors at Microdul AG. “We have created a Dolphin-Tanner Swiss User Group to share our experience with like-minded companies. Sales and support teams from both Tanner EDA and Dolphin Integration are working closely with us to further streamline the design process.”

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