HiWave reveals new loudspeaker driver and amplifier designs

HiWave is showing its latest advances in flat-diaphragm speaker drive units, and energy-efficient amplifier technology at CES 2012. HiWave’s demonstrator, called Tempus, brings together an all-new variant of the company’s BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) speaker drive unit and its Audium amplifier chip in a reference design that now delivers higher power output plus Bluetooth wireless audio streaming.

Picture: HiWave

The Tempus transparent enclosure showcases the simplicity of the structure that encapsulates the BMR drive unit and the electronics module based on HiWave’s Audium amplifier chip. The single Lithium-ion battery that powers the device is also visible. Pairing the speakers with any Bluetooth enabled phone or tablet produces a clarity, range and depth of sound that belies the 23cm tall unit’s physical size. At typical listening levels the battery powers the unit for over 30 hours between charges.
Chris Travis, CTO of HiWave said, “Our BMR technology overcomes the difficulties and compromises that come with the use of conical or domed diaphragms. The flat diaphragm’s bending modes give these drive units wide dispersion across the full frequency range, approximating the performance of an ideal point source. By using HiWave drive units our customers are creating better-sounding products in shorter timeframes than ever before. The Tempus demonstrator shows speaker design at its purest – a flat drive unit in an enclosure that is all curves, giving it superior acoustic and mechanical properties”.

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