World’s first Bluetooth Smart mouse and keyboard combo shown at CES

Nordic Semiconductor has demonstrated the nRFready µBlue Desktop at CES, which it claims is the world’s first fully functional reference design for a Bluetooth low energy (or ‘Bluetooth Smart’) wireless mouse and keyboard combo.
Working with a laptop with built-in support for Bluetooth Smart devices and running a developer preview of Windows 8, this reference design delivers over a year of battery lifetime for the mouse and up to 10 years for the keyboard from a single pair of AA batteries.
The nRFready μBlue Desktop is based on Nordic’s μBlue nRF8001 Bluetooth low energy Connectivity IC. It provides wireless computer peripheral makers with a complete and proven hardware and software reference design that significantly cuts down on development risk, time, and cost. It also delivers a wireless mouse and keyboard battery life performance comparable to Nordic’s market-leading proprietary 2.4GHz RF solutions, but with the ability to operate without a USB dongle on Bluetooth Smart Ready computers.
“Nordic Semiconductor was the company that took 2.4GHz RF from a niche technology and turned it into a mainstream wireless technology for today’s wireless computer peripherals,” comments Geir Langeland, Sales and Marketing Director at Nordic Semiconductor. “Instrumental to this was our 2.4GHz RF proprietary nRF24L Series ICs whose class-leading battery life, robust performance, and aggressive pricing – especially in high volume – enabled our customers to ditch inferior 27MHz technology and migrate to the benefits of 2.4GHz.”
Nordic is already working closely with key partners and customers on the nRFready μBlue Desktop, ensuring interoperability with a wide range of computer operating systems and the ICs of other Bluetooth Smart Ready vendors.

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