Solution accelerators for Android jumpstart development

Wind River has introduced Wind River Solution Accelerators for Android, a series of software modules to help developers jumpstart Android development and rapidly integrate compelling features and functionalities to their devices.
Wind River Solution Accelerators for Android are currently available in three software modules: User Experience, Connectivity and Medical. Highlights from each module include the following:
–   User Experience: accelerated boot time technologies including Hyper boot enabling devices to resume from RAM in less than 1 second and from Flash in 8 seconds, multi-windowing screen navigation, multimedia functionalities and a firmware management system that supports both online and offline update methods.
–   Connectivity: multimedia interoperability capabilities via the DLNA standard, SyncML support and FM radio capabilities.
–   Medical: Designed to help medical device manufacturers leverage Android’s platform richness and flexibility for innovation, this module supports the IEEE 11073 stack, the format for information exchange between personal health devices such as weight scales, blood pressure monitors and blood oxygen monitors. The module also includes an optimized Bluetooth Health Device Protocol implementation and applications for medical sensor management and resulting data display, reporting and communication.
Wind River also says its Solution Accelerators for Android are tested and validated applications and middleware components that can be combined with expert custom engineering services to optimise for market specific needs. Original equipment manufacturers, original design manufacturers and service providers can use Wind River Android Solution Accelerators to quickly build their own Android-based offerings and then add branding, personalisation and other distinguishing features.

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