CSR enables Bluetooth Low Energy in Android smart phone

NEC CASIO Mobile Communications has deployed CSR’s CSR8000 connectivity platform along with CSR Synergy for Android software in its innovative new MEDIAS Android smart phone.
The companies say that MEDIAS is the first Android phone capable of connecting via Bluetooth Low Energy (BTle) to a variety of low-power peripherals and accessories, such as the new NEC CASIO Mobile Communications “Remoppi”. The Remoppi is a small CSR-powered key ring remote that enables users to find lost phones or keys, and be alerted to incoming email or calls when their phones are out of reach.
The connectivity for the MEDIAS is provided by the CSR8811 Smart Ready Bluetooth 4.0 device and is the first commercially available Android smartphone to support the Phone Alert Status, Proximity, FindMe, Alert Notification and Time Bluetooth low energy profiles, which make it possible to connect to a number of new peripheral devices in use cases where battery life was previously a concern. Examples include: proximity tags such as the Remoppi; wrist watches that connect wirelessly to smart phones for time synchronisation or notification of incoming calls and last for years on the same battery; heart monitors that keep you in the zone when going for a run; and pedometers and other sporting devices that relay relevant information to users’ phones and more.
Many Bluetooth Low Energy accessories coming to market – including the NEC CASIO Mobile Communications Remoppi — are developed using CSR µEnergy single-mode Bluetooth Low Energy platform’s CSR1000. The CSR µEnergy single platform has been optimised to support only Bluetooth Low Energy features, allowing products to not be limited by size constraints, but be cost-effective and power-efficient to run for years on a single-coin cell battery. The platform offers single-mode chips that complement CSR8000 dual mode offerings to provide a complete range of Bluetooth Low Energy solutions – making CSR one of the few companies that delivers an end-to-end Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready solution.
The CSR8811 is used in conjunction with CSR Synergy for Android systems software to enable the BTle support for the MEDIAS.  The package speeds and simplifies the integration of multiple wireless technologies, speeding time-to-market and reducing development cost by including everything from low-level transport drivers, advanced connectivity stacks to high level UI add-ons for Android.  The combination of the CSR8811 and CSR Synergy for Android enables NEC CASIO Mobile Communications as well as other third party application developers to innovate with their own unique BTle applications, bringing a richer feature set to end-users more quickly and seamlessly.

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