ZMDI launches first boost converter for multiple LEDs

ZMDI has debuted its first step-up converter with integrated 35 V power switch for high brightness LEDs.
The ZLED7015 is optimal for driving multiple white LEDs connected in series from a low voltage supply. It can also drive devices that require a constant voltage and the wide input voltage range of 6V to 30V supports applications with input voltage from multi-cell batteries or regulated 12V and 24V power rails. A low voltage feedback mechanism helps maximise the operating efficiency and the device’s soft-start function and open circuit detection protects the application circuit and extends the LED life.

Picture: ZMDI

The low voltage, constant current operation makes the ZLED7015 suitable for safety extra-low voltage (SELV) applications with less than 24V in damp environments. The device is also an ideal driver for multifaceted reflector (MR16) lamps, frequently found in residential and retail lighting applications. Other key application areas include low voltage retrofit lighting, replacement tubes, LED backlighting, aftermarket automotive lighting products, low voltage general purpose industrial and consumer applications, as well as signage, outdoor, architectural and building lighting.
The device includes an integrated power switch to minimise system cost and reduce component count for size optimised applications. The output current is programmable via external components and features PWM, Linear and DC voltage dimming.
The ZLED7015 operates with a switching frequency up to 1MHz allowing the use of smaller, less expensive external components. A low 0.3V feedback voltage minimises power loss in the current setting resistor for better efficiency. With an adjustable over voltage protection, the chip and the system operates safely even if the load is not connected or the output is short circuited.
A built-in soft start circuit significantly reduces the inrush current during start-up and extends the LEDs lifetime. Further features include an under voltage protection as well as an over temperature protection.

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