Toumaz establishes fabless subsidiary for wireless

In order to strengthen the focus of both the healthcare and semiconductor divisions of Toumaz, the company’s board has decided to reorganise into two distinct businesses: Toumaz Health Technology, covering health technology and solutions; and Toumaz Microsystems covering integrated circuits for low power wireless communication. Both companies will be subsidiaries of Toumaz Ltd. The newly established fabless subsidiary, Toumaz Microsystems, which will be responsible for the growing wireless IC business. The company has secured investment and support from Imagination Technologies Group as a strategic partner for this business.
Toumaz Microsystems will focus on the design, development and sale of semiconductor chips and solutions for the growing and emerging embedded wireless connectivity market addressing the opportunities in a wide range of internet connected devices. These include home and enterprise automation, healthcare, smart power, security/monitoring systems, intelligent toys and other connectivity-centric cloud-enabled systems. Toumaz Microsystems will become Toumaz’s vehicle for all its wireless chip development and supply.
Toumaz will own 75% of Toumaz Microsystems and has moved its silicon IC design team and related assets to the subsidiary.  Imagination will invest a combination of cash, certain licences to Imagination’s hardware and software technologies, and supportive engineering resources, totalling £5m, in Toumaz Microsystems and will own 25% of the business.
Toumaz’s chip businesses, including Telran, Xenif, and the Group’s ultra-low power radio IP, and licenses of further IP, will be transferred to Toumaz Microsystems.  The wireless semiconductor expertise of Toumaz coupled with the hardware and software IP from Imagination will enable Toumaz Microsystems to offer a world-leading comprehensive connectivity solution for low-power internet-connected applications.
The subsidiary will focus on developing a new multi-standard connectivity chip, an ultra-low power radio receiver and transmitter chip incorporating the new IEEE standard 802.15.6 and other relevant standards.  It will be one of the first chips to be based on this new standard and will specifically target Body Area Networks and a range of low-power domestic consumer wireless sensor applications.
The Board of Toumaz Microsystems will consist of two members from Toumaz and one from Imagination. Professor Chris Toumazou, CEO of Toumaz, will become the Chairman of Toumaz Microsystems.

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