RS introduces NXP mbed development board

RS Components has announced availability of the new NXP LPC11U24 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 based mbed embedded development board for low-risk and rapid professional prototyping of microcontroller-based systems.

Picture: RS Components

The NXP LPC11U24 microcontroller is particularly suitable for prototyping low-cost USB devices, battery-powered applications and 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 based designs. It is packaged as a small DIP form-factor convenient for prototyping with through-hole PCBs, stripboards and breadboards, and includes a built-in USB drag ‘n’ drop flash programmer.
For developers new to 32-bit, mbed is an accessible way to build projects with the backing of libraries, resources and support shared in the developer community, including: a lightweight online compiler for instant access to a working environment on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X; a C/C++ SDK (Software Development Kit) for high-level programming of peripherals; in addition to a wealth of libraries and code examples.
The NXP LPC11U24 MCU runs at 48MHz and device peripherals include 32KB of flash memory, up to 8kB of SRAM data memory, configurable Full-Speed USB 2.0 device controller; one Fast-mode Plus I2C-bus interface, two SPI interfaces, UART, six ADCs (Analogue-to-Digital Converters) and 54 GPIO (General-Purpose I/O) pins.

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