Acal wins award for sales of embedded I/O, FPGAs and boards

Acal has been honoured with an Outstanding Sales Achievement Award by Acromag for significant growth in their UK sales of Acromag’s embedded I/O boards and FPGA computing modules to customers in the military, aerospace and transport sectors.

Picture: Acal

“This award recognises how highly customers value the support of Acal BFi’s specialist design teams and in-house manufacturing and test facilities. These clearly make a major contribution in helping customers streamline their design-to-production process and increase the reliability of embedded products operating in harsh environments,” explains Acromag’s Russ Nieves, International Sales Manager.
Acal BFi’s Philippe Gruson, President Electronics Division adds: “Acromag’s products are based on fifty years of experience as a leader in industrial I/O and offer customers robust and reliable performance by addressing issues such as ground loops, RFI, EMI and temperature drift, as standard.”
In addition to military, aerospace and transport applications, Acromag Embedded Solutions Group’s modules and boards are used in scientific, utility, industrial Ethernet and networking applications. The full range of products comprises embedded I/O boards, FPGA boards and modules, and industrial PCs.

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