PCB design software upgrade boasts BGA escape routing and undo/redo logs

CadSoft has launched version 6 of its Eagle PCB software for professional board design. The new version focuses on flexibility and saving time by optimising and integrating new features such as BGA escape routing, differential pair routing, automatic meanders and undo/redo logs.
Additionally this latest version provides automatic layout dimension, assembly variants, cut out polygons, and the design reuse feature to merge board/schematic pairs using the PASTE function with full consistency.
CadSoft says Eagle Version 6 not only helps in the design of a board, but also provides direct connections to experienced, high-quality PCB manufacturers for fast quotes on PCB fabrication. European design engineers will connect with Eurocircuits through The Knode on element14.
Flexibility and productivity are also achieved through User Language Programs (ULPs) for customization and feature enhancement, such as 3D-visualisation, simulation and data-export. Hundreds of ULPs, project designs and part libraries to accelerate the design process are available through CadSoft EAGLE’s download centre.
CadSoft EAGLE users can also benefit in their design process from Accelerated Design’s Ultra Librarian to quickly create parts, symbols and footprints that can be exported to various PCB design flows. The Ultra Librarian tools integrate Premier Farnell’s DesignLink, an integrated tool, which offers a streamlined method to do component research by allowing a designer to transparently interface to the search engine of their regional supplier without leaving the design environment.

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