Power management IC partners Freescale’s tablet processor

Wolfson Microelectronics has released the WM8325-00C PMIC which supports Freescale Semiconductor’s i.MX53 application processor family, targeted at the tablet PC market.
Freescale’s i.MX535 processor incorporates a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 core, 1080p HD video decode and 720p video encode, two dedicated graphics cores, multiple display and connectivity options and, with the help of Wolfson’s WM8325-00C, is optimised for both high performance and low power consumption to meet the demands of applications such as tablet PCs which require long battery life.

Picture: Wolfson

The WM8325-00C power management subsystem is designed to operate as a system PMIC supporting ARM-based processors, as well as the majority of application and mobile processors at the heart of a wide range of low-power consumer multimedia applications. This highly flexible single-chip solution helps reduce time-to-market as changing application needs can be easily accommodated in the One-Time Programmable (OTP) memory. In this case, the OTP has been specifically tailored to Freescale’s power management requirements for its i.MX535 processor.
Commenting on this announcement, Dr Jess Brown, Product Line Manager for Power Management at Wolfson Microelectronics, said: “As one of the highest current monolithic PMICs on the market, the WM8325 offers a fantastic combination of world-leading power management capability, flexibility, simplified design effort and a reduced time-to-market, and we’re delighted that Freescale has selected it for its latest processor on its reference design platform for the tablet PC market.”

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