Partnership will develop SoCs based on magnetic logic units

Magnetically enhanced semiconductor company Crocus Technology has partnered with Starchip to develop next generation System-on-Chip (SOC) solutions based on Crocus’ Magnetic-Logic-Unit (MLU) technology. StarChip, based in Paris, France, is a semiconductor company that designs and qualifies products for mass production, then licenses its solutions for purchase directly by our customers through qualified foundries and test houses.Under this collaboration, Crocus and Starchip will work together to embed magnetic logic unit (MLU) memory and logic functionality into next generation secure processor-based architectures. Crocus’ MLU, first announced in June 2011, is based on a revolutionary self-referencing magnetics architecture. MLU is a scalable evolution of Crocus’ Thermally Assisted Switching (TAS) technology, and enables practical implementation of advanced magnetic logic and memory capabilities, a first for the industry.
”This partnership with Starchip is an ideal solution for serving our customers seeking to integrate MLU technology into their advanced chip designs,” said Dr. Bertrand F. Cambou, executive chairman of Crocus Technology. “We are confident that the Starchip team’s well-established track record of successful implementation will enhance our ability to help our customers get to high-volume production quickly.”
“We are delighted by Crocus’ decision to partner with us, because we believe that MLU will bring great value to our customers. Starchip’s strong know-how in embedded hardware security, combined with the new security features offered by Crocus’ MLU technology, will allow us to bring a very innovative, advanced and robust solution to the security market,” said Lucien Brau, Starchip president and CEO. “Starchip looks forward to extending Crocus’ embedded design reach to a large number of customers.”

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