Free 3D CAD library extended with more from Molex and Omron

RS Components has expanded its online library of free 3D CAD product models. The latest update includes more than 2000 new models from Molex and Omron. The 3D CAD models from both suppliers are now available to download free-of-charge from the RS website at
With the release of an additional 1000 3D models of Molex connectors, encompassing the latest technologies, the range of Molex 3D models available from RS now covers more than 7000 products. Over 1000 3D models of Omron parts have also been added to the RS library, including tactile, pushbutton and DIP switches, as well as flow sensors, micro switches and relays.
Users now have access to over 30,000 certified 3D CAD models of electronic and mechanical components.  Registered users can download a model from the RS website in up to 23 neutral and native CAD file formats, enabling engineers to select the model in their preferred CAD package for mechanical design.  Each model has part number and ordering information attached, aiding the purchasing process and allowing for quick completion of new designs.
Mark Cundle, Technical Marketing Manager for RS Components said, “Producing 3D CAD models can be a time-consuming effort for engineers involved in electronics design. Extending our 3D CAD model range provides our customers with access to the most comprehensive library of online downloadable models in all major CAD file formats, in one place and at no extra cost.  This is an essential part of our support for engineers with reliable technical information and online resources that enables them to find, design-in and buy from one source.”

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