Harting posts significant increase in revenues and invests €8 million in Espelkamp site

Harting posted revenues of €481 million in the last financial year, signifying an increase in revenues of 16.5 % compared to the previous year (€413 million).
The products and solutions of the Espelkamp, Germany-based family owned and managed company are used worldwide in all sectors of industry, but it is the company’s Connectivity and Networks division that generates the most revenues, covering electrical and electronic connectors, device connectivity, network components and assembled system cables.
Growth in revenues was posted in all regions in the previous financial year. Positive developments in the engineering, energy, robotics and automation sectors have contributed significantly to these gains.

L-R: Philip Harting, Margrit Harting, Maresa Harting-Hertz and Dietmar Harting present the annual financial statements of Harting Technology Group.

Developments in Germany, where revenues rose by 24 % and totalled €181 million (previous year: €146 million), were particularly pleasing for the company. Revenues in Europe excluding Germany climbed from €140 million to €163 million, a rise of 16.4%. Revenues of €44 million were generated in the Americas region (USA, South America and Canada) in the previous financial year which represents an 18.9 % increase (previous year: €37 million). Revenue growth was also posted again in Asia. Harting turned over €93 million here (previous year: €89 million), increasing revenues by 4.5 %.
In the current financial year, Harting is investing over €8 million in total in the construction of a new quality and technology centre which will be located at the heart of the manufacturing site in Espelkamp. The 3,500 m² quality centre will join onto the structure of the existing building architecturally and blend harmoniously with the existing company site. It will be the workplace of the staff of the Central Quality and Technology Department whose tasks range from the development of new technologies to product qualification, which involves the testing, analysis and release of products in the certified, in-house laboratory.
Harting created 301 new jobs worldwide in the previous financial year, the vast majority of which are located in the Mühlenkreis district of Germany. On September 30, 2011, Harting had a total global workforce of 3,394. This signifies an overall increase of 301 employees compared to the previous year (3,093 employees).
“The success of the past year is down to the joint efforts of all employees of whom we are extremely proud,” emphasized Margrit Harting, Senior Vice President and Partner at the HARTING Technology Group. “Such performance can only be attained if everyone identifies with the common objectives.”

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