GuestureBuilder software enables addition of gesture control to consumer electronics

Movea is making gesture recognition and gesture database design capabilities available to consumer electronics OEMs and systems integrators though its GestureBuilder software.
Part of Movea’s SmartMotion portfolio and a component of the MoveTV platform, GestureBuilder enables Touchless Gestures for control of Smartphones, Tablets, TV’s, Set-Top-Boxes, and Media Center PC’s running Linux, Android, and Windows 7.  Windows 8 support is also planned.
Bryan Hoadley, President of Movea Inc. and Movea’s EVP of WW Sales and Marketing, explained, “Movea’s powerful GestureBuilder software is currently being deployed to customers as part of our MoveTV Platform, a vertical solution for the PayTV market.  Those deployments and our demonstrations of Touchless Gestures have generated an incredible level of interest in Movea’s gesture recognition capabilities.  In response to this interest, we wanted to make GestureBuilder more widely available to OEM’s and Systems Integrators in the Consumer Electronics industry.”
GestureBuilder offers the capability to create an unlimited number of 2D and 3D gestures utilising 2- to 9-axes of sensor data from any combination of MEMS accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers.  Additionally, consumer electronics OEMs and systems integrators can benefit from Movea’s pre-defined libraries of 2D and 3D gestures, simple swipes, and predefined packages of custom gestures for vertical markets.
GestureBuilder captures motion data from combinations of MEMS sensors and leverages Movea’s extensive portfolio of proprietary data fusion and signal processing techniques to be able to record and recognise gestures in real-time and optimise gesture databases for performance and accuracy.

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