28Gbps SerDes core gains CEI VSR compliance

Avago’s 28-Gbps Serialiser/Deserialiser (SerDes) core has demonstrated compliance with the Common Electrical Interface (CEI) standard for 28G Very Short Reach (VSR). Achieving CEI-28G-VSR compliance brings the high-bandwidth, low-power SerDes to a broader range of data networking applications.
The company also announced it has shipped over 200 million embedded SerDes channels integrated in ASICs used for data communication in networking, computing and storage applications. The CEI-28G-VSR compliance and the shipping milestone reflect the growing demand for increased bandwidth for servers, routers and other data centre equipment.
Avago IP SerDes cores can be easily integrated due to their modular, multirate architecture, and Avago has integrated over 400 SerDes channels on a single ASIC. The Avago SerDes cores feature a decision feedback equalisation (DFE) architecture, resulting in a number of key performance differentiators such as low overall power, excellent data latency and impressive jitter and crosstalk tolerance.
The broad AvagoSerDes portfolio supports a wide range of standards such as PCI Express, Fibre Channel, XAUI, CEI, 10GBASE-KR and SFI, providing the flexibility to address optical, copper and backplane applications.

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