Revo adopts HiWave’s balanced mode radiator audio speaker technology

Revo has adopted HiWave’s BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) speaker technology and ultra efficient Audium amplifier ICs in its new K2 digital radios, which are now shipping worldwide.
The K2 aluminium tower digital radio also integrates an Apple iPhone / iPod / iPad docking station with 3.5mm auxiliary connection for alternative mp3 players, an FM tuner and access to online music services. It produces 40 watts of room-filling high resolution digital audio with nearly 360 degrees of dispersion.

Picture: HiWave

Each Revo K2 contains four BMR speakers, which use rare earth magnetics and bending wave technology to create a full audio range. Additionally the design uses HiWave’s Audium amplifier IC, which delivers full, 16-bit digital audio resolution to faithfully reproduce high dynamic range material.
James Lewis, CEO of HiWave commented: “The K2 perfectly demonstrates the exceptional quality that is possible from our technology, and gives more detailed audio reproduction for both the high end and the deep bass. And as the reviews suggest the ‘mountainous slab of music-blasting aluminium’ will be coveted for its styling as much as its audio prowess.”
“HiWave’s technology enables the K2 to deliver exceptional sound quality without compromising on the design,” said David Baxter, CEO of Revo. “Their support and commitment has enabled us to take a leading position in the quality end of the market”.

Revo adopts HiWave’s balanced mode radiator audio speaker technology

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