Maxim shows off PoS and NFC products at Cartes

At the CARTES & IDentification show last week in Paris, Maxim demonstrated several of its products for point-of-sale (PoS) terminals, secure authentication and transactions, and near-field communications (NFC), including its JIBEPOS meshless financial-terminal reference design. JIBEPOS is a PCI-ready POS terminal that provides all of the necessary components for designers to build their own device, to both dramatically speed up time to market and pass PCI PTS 3.1  standards. The reference design includes PCB and patented secure-keypad layouts, plus an optimised BOM, certified EMV -L1 library, PCI-PTS-compliant secure Linux operating system, and a security handbook to adapt the design to a unique enclosure. The terminal itself comes with a 3.5in TFT colour haptic touch-screen display, a secure magnetic card reader, an NFC contactless reader, and a high-speed printer. The entire terminal is powered by the MAX32590, a high-performance secure SoC that features a 384MHz 32-bit ARM9 core with extensive connectivity options.
Maxim also showcased its NFC smart tag technology, used in its 13.56MHz contactless RFID keys and cards in two demonstrations. In the first demo, through the use of an NFC-enabled phone, a user can interrogate an embedded HF tag in an advertisement or poster to read a URL from the tag’s on-chip memory. The phone’s web browser can then automatically launch the URL’s specified web address. The second demo used application on an NFC-enabled phone that can request and perform a SHA-1 calculation on the smart tag for secure authentication.
The company also presented its encrypted magnetic-card-reader solution, the MAXQ1740, which it says is the industry’s only secure microcontroller for magnetic card reading.

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