LEDs and drivers provide efficient automotive display backlighting

Rohm has unveiled its new high power, high brightness white chip LED SMLx family with reflector (PLCC2 and high heat radiation packages) for automotive backlighting applications.
Today, the increased functionality of clusters, car audio & navigation, climate control, switches and LCD/TFT backlighting create a high demand for efficiency while also relying on constant light emission, power saving and stability. With its new LED and LED drivers line-ups Rohm addresses the specific needs of these advanced application areas.

Picture: Rohm

The SMLZ1xx, SMLKxx, SMLVxx and SMLXAxx family of LEDs includes various top and side view package types, different forward currents and luminous intensities (mcd). The emitted colours are cold white and warm white. Additionally, the new LEDs offer high heat radiation for operation at high temperature, maintenance of high power at high currents, as well as for superior device reliability and durability.
Rohm’s new BD81A04 LED driver is a 4 channel 120mA/ch LED driver with an integrated buck-boost DC/DC constant current driver which can be used to drive various LEDs for efficient backlighting of a large range of displays or HuDs (Head-up Displays). Due to its unique topology it only requires one coil for buck-boost configuration and provides stable operation over a wide voltage range, significantly reducing design work and the number of required external components. In addition the BD81A04 integrates  MOSFETs like the PWM current driver or the boost FET.
The advanced brightness control /dimming functions and the flexibility to combine fewer channels with higher output current round up the features of this device. For example, instead of using four channels with 120mA, it’s now possible to achieve 240mA via two channels. In order to ensure reliable operations all protection functions like the monitoring voltage, current, temperature or the short circuit detection function are also implemented.

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