IP-addressable power distribution unit cuts energy costs and improves system reliability

Picture: Solid State Supplies

Solid State Supplies has introduced an IP-addressable power distribution unit (PDU) that enables remote control and monitoring of various equipment including fan trays. It enables start-up sequencing and monitoring of the true-RMS current drawn from each outlet, with user-defined thresholds linked to alerts that are automatically communicated via email or as SMS messages. In addition to user-defined on/off sequencing, the Smart Switched PDU is compatible with http, https, SNMP, DHCP and UDP protocols.

Closely controlling the operation of fans improves system-level thermal management, leading to greater reliability. It also avoids the need for over-provisioning the thermal management system by ensuring that only the fans required at the time are switched on. This optimises system performance and minimises energy consumption. Used as a low cost alternative to AC fan trays with built-in intelligence, the PDU is designed for 19-inch rack mounting in data centres and other electrically intensive applications.
Models OSP-V-16-23-16-N1 and OSP-V-20-11-16-N1 are 16-outlet vertical PDUs that measure 56 x 1245 x 44mm and weigh 4kg. The OSP-v-16-23-16-N1 features a nominal voltage of 230V while the OSP-V-20-11-16-N1’s nominal voltage is rated at 115V.
Models OSP-H-16-23-08-N1 and OSP-H-15-11-08-N1 are eight-outlet horizontal PDUs that measure 90 x 432 x 44mm and weigh 2kg. The OSP-H-16-23-08-N1 features a nominal voltage of 230V while the OSP- H-15-11-08-N1’s nominal voltage is rated at 115V.
All units have a current monitoring resolution of 0.1A at up to 20A, and precision is ±2% ±0.1A. The products are UL and cUL listed and have CE approval.

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