New slide DIP switch features enhanced reliability

Omron’s newly released slide DIP switch uses innovative mechanical design to give more reliable operation.
The new Omron A6SN features high pressure, knife-edge internal mechanics, ensuring more reliable and consistent contact operation. This design enables any solder flux residues to be broken during the operation of the switch actuator. The switch also uses a temperature resistant resin that enables reflow soldering at peak temperatures of up to 260°C, which is higher than most comparable alternatives.

Picture: Omron

Andries de Bruin, Omron’s European Product Marketing Manager for Switches commented: “The Omron DIP switches range includes versions to suit most production methods and as well as fully sealed types. All A6SN switch types can be washed without seal tape. They are available with a number different of actuator configurations and the A6SN can be supplied with embossed taping models to aid automatic mounting processes.”
The Omron A6SN is rated at 24V DC at 25mA, available with 1 to 10 poles and a flat or raised actuator. Insulation resistance is 100M Ohms at 100V DC. The A6SN supports an ambient operating temperature range of -30°C to +85°C.

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