New warehouse and logistics centre doubles component distribution capacity

In order to streamline stockholding and logistics and to accommodate continued rapid business growth, Transonics will be relocating its European warehouse operation from London, UK to a new 12,000ft² warehouse in the Meridian Business Park in Leicester in January 2012.
The company has been distributing electronic components for over 35 years. With the acquisition of Lewmax, one of Europe’s major independent device programming companies, in 2006 Transonics has been holding component stocks in two warehouses, one in London and the other in Leicestershire.

Pictured: The the new Transonics Warehouse and programming facility in Leicester.

In addition to having state of the art warehouse facilities, the Leicester warehouse contains the Lewmax programming operation, simplifying the process and improving turnaround times.
“Our customers look to us for reliable, intelligent and timely solutions for all their component and PCB requirements including device programming, tape and reeling, laser marking and  ablation, baking and drypacking and other value added services,” said Daniel French, Managing Director of Transonics. “Our new warehouse and programming facility not only provides us with the space to grow but is an ideal location for a distribution hub for our UK and international customers. With offices in London, Milan and Hong Kong and a dedication to excellence of service, product and price, our customers understand our low cost model and appreciate the value that we bring to their business.”

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