Flexible, high performance RF interface for LTE and LTE-A

CommAgility has announced the AMC-RF2x2, a wideband, flexible dual channel RF card in the AdvancedMC format.
The new card provides a high quality RF interface for LTE and LTE Advanced wireless infrastructure applications, and is suitable for test equipment, research, demonstrators and trial systems.

Picture: CommAgility

The AMC provides a flexible FPGA-based architecture based on a Xilinx LX75T Virtex-6TM device, with separate RF modules allowing customisation. The integrated firmware in the FPGA is used for control and IQ data processing, delivering the necessary performance for digital front end processing, up-conversion and down-conversion.
The Advanced Mezzanine Card supports all LTE bands, with wideband tuning capabilities from 699MHz to 3.8GHz and RF bandwidths up to 40MHz. To reduce space, weight and power, the AMC-RF2x2 supports 2×2 MIMO as standard. When used with CommAgility’s AMC DSP modules, including the AMC-C6670 card, a complete MicroTCA LTE system can be achieved.
The new module provides transmit power output up to +10dBm, making it suitable for test and indoor equipment. It provides both FDD and TDD modes and so can be used worldwide. It is a single-width full-size PICMG AMC.0 R2.0 Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC), and works in industry standard MicroTCA chassis.
Multiple RF I/O modes for Tx and Rx channels include separate, switched, combined and loopback, thus allowing self-calibration and supporting a wide range of applications. For high accuracy, NCO fine frequency control is provided in the firmware. Accurate power measurement is ensured with separate, calibrated Tx and Rx power sensors.
Two CPRI front panel SFP+ ports, with baud rates up to 6.144Gbps, provide the CPRI capacity to support the full RF bandwidth and performance. For non-CPRI applications, Gigabit Ethernet and AMC fat pipe connections are provided via the AMC backplane. Synchronization via the CPRI ports, front panel or AMC clocks helps ensure flexible system integration.
The AMC-RF2x2 will be shipping in Q4 2011.

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