Waterproof multi-pin circular connectors are UK-made

Intelliconnect has announced a new range of waterproof multi-pin circular connectors predominantly housed in traditional coaxial style casings including N Type, Nim-Camac, SMA, TNC and C Type.
“The Intelliconnect multi-pin circular connector range has evolved from a number of custom connector designs we have undertaken,” explains Roy Phillips, managing director of Intelliconnect. “It features a range of signal, power and mixed configurations available in many different pin and socket combinations and housing materials and offers a compact and flexible waterproof connector solution to system designers.”

Picture: Intelliconnect

Up to 13 way connectors are available in industry standard shell styles which simplify control panel design and improve ergonomics. Intelliconnect also offer a cable assembly service for terminating cables to their multi-pin connectors, simplifying customers design and purchasing requirements while ensuring the integrity of the connector assembly is maintained.
These UK-manufactured connectors are waterproof to IP 68 in the unmated condition and for more demanding environmental requirements hermetically sealed versions are also available. The connector body may be specified in a number of materials and finishes to suit environmental conditions and design aesthetics.
Typical applications for the Intelliconnect range of waterproof multi-pin circular connectors include military, aerospace, medical, industrial, marine, oil and gas and rail traction systems.

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