NXP’s NFC solution implemented in Galaxy Nexus

NXP announced that the Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone from Google incorporates NXP’s fully integrated near field communication (NFC) solution, PN65N. Featuring a NFC radio controller and an embedded Secure Element, the PN65N is also fully validated and integrated on the latest release of Android 4.0, also referred to as Ice Cream Sandwich.
Android 4.0 (“Ice Cream Sandwich”) is a mobile OS designed for both smart phones and tablets.  NXP’s open-source NFC software stack supports full NFC functionality enabling many NFC use cases and applications such as proximity marketing, smart poster reading, data sharing, quick social media check-in or device pairing.
Galaxy Nexus offers the full NFC potential based on a mature and proven software stack. The NFC software has been extensively field tested on the Gingerbread version of Android and has already been deployed on the first NFC-enabled Google Experience Device, Nexus S.
A new feature introduced in Galaxy Nexus is Android Beam which, using NFC technology, allows to instant sharing of information such as webpages, YouTube videos, maps, and other apps by simply tapping two NFC-enabled phones together.
The PN65N features an embedded Secure Element, which uses the same proven and tested NXP security solution found in bank cards; electronic passports; transportation and ticketing; physical access and other contactless applications.  The PN65N is pin-to-pin compatible with the PN544 NFC radio controller giving manufacturers the choice to design with or without the secure element.

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