8-pin ballast control IC promises to simplify circuit design and increase efficiency

International Rectifier has introduced the IRS2526DS ‘Mini8’ compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) ballast control IC that offers full programmability, and a high degree of accuracy and control for all lamp types.

Picture: IR

Available in an 8-pin SO-8 package, the new feature-rich IC reduces component count, simplifies circuit design and increases efficiency in a compact footprint.
The IRS2526DS features a 600 V half-bridge control circuit working at 50% duty-cycle and variable frequency for driving the resonant mode lamp output circuit. The high accuracy oscillator is controlled by a single analogue-to-frequency input pin used to set the different operating frequencies of the ballast.
Complete fault protection circuitry is also included for protection against such conditions as mains interrupt or brown-out, lamp non-strike, lamp filament failure and end-of-life. The new device also incorporates an internal frequency dither to reduce conducted EMI, ignition control to reduce inductor size, and end-of-life detection.
The IRS2526DS is the third generation ballast IC from IR and uses the technology featured in the previously released IRS2580DS ‘Combo8’ that combines a full featured fluorescent ballast with power factor correction (PFC) controller in a compact 8-pin package.  The new IRS2526DS is targeted at applications that do not require PFC or use an external PFC controller.

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