Tektronix increases European presence

Tektronix has announced major investments in its calibration services across Europe, including the company’s UK, Netherlands and Germany operations.
In the Netherlands, the company ha increased high-frequency instrument and spectrum analyser capabilities to 26.5GHz in Eindhoven. The launch of the new RvA-accredited Tektronix depot in Nijmegen, Netherlands, adds the capability for high-frequency calibrations up to 50GHz.
The company’s Norwich, UK, facility received full UKAS Fluke 5790A AC measuring standard accreditation for calibration of all Fluke high-precision products.
In Germany, capabilities have been increased with the acquisition of the Keithley lab in Munich with ISO17025:2005 (A2LA) accreditation to perform AC/DC calibration and frequency measurement calibration. The Fluke laboratory in Cologne, Germany has now been accredited for several high-level capabilities, such as AC/DC voltage and current resistance and AC/DC transfer and high-frequency measurements.
“It is important we remain close to our customers geographically, and these investments increase our ability to provide high quality multi-vendor calibration services to customers throughout Europe and Asia, and to complement our strong OEM offerings,” said David Carew-Jones, Vice President of Marketing for the Service Solutions Organisation at Tektronix.
Tektronix also added new calibration capabilities in Japan, China and India to increase the company’s global reach.
By year-end, Tektronix will have high-frequency instrument and spectrum analyser capability up to 26.5GHz in Tokyo and in early 2012 this capability will be extended to Beijing and Bangalore. Furthermore work has begun to open ISO 17025 accredited labs for general purpose electrical parameters, including AC voltage, DC voltage, current, resistance/ and high-frequency instruments up to 26.5GHz.

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