CommAgility demos interoperability of AMC card with MTI remote radio head and Xilinx CPRI core

CommAgility has successfully completed interoperability testing of its AMC-2C6670 AMC (advanced mezzanine card) with a MTI Remote Radio Head (RRH) equipped with CPRI (common public radio interface), as well as with a Xilinx CPRI IP core.
The interoperability tests were carried out using the AIF2 interface of high performance TMS320C6670 and TMS320TCI6618 TI DSPs running on the AMC-2C6670. To test with a Xilinx CPRI core, an additional AMC-V6 module from CommAgility was used with an optical SFP+ interface.
Tests were successfully completed up to the maximum DSP AIF2 data rate of 4.9152 Gbaud, which is the CPRI x8 rate. I/Q data transport was tested in various combinations including multiple channels and carrier aggregation. Vendor specific and fast C&M control channels were also tested.
CommAgility’s AMC-2C6670 AdvancedMC includes two TMS320C6670 DSPs. The card also provides a Xilinx LX240T Virtex-6TM FPGA for additional I/O and co-processing flexibility. The AMC-2C6670-3AIF variant links 3 of the DSP AIF2 interfaces to SFP+ connectors on the module’s front panel, allowing optical or electrical connection to external RF equipment using the CPRI or OBSAI standards.
CommAgility’s DSP expertise and extensive example and library software is available to users of its telecoms and signal processing boards, helping them to bring successful designs to market quicker and more efficiently.

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