Aricent and Picochip deliver eNodeB reference framework for LTE base station development

Aricent and Picochip have jointly developed an LTE eNodeB reference framework. The carrier-class product is a complete solution design, from RF interface through to S1 and X2 interfaces and includes Aricent base station software stacks integrated with Picochip baseband and silicon.
Rigorously tested for functionality and performance, the base station solution is designed to help telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) deliver high-performance base stations in multiple form factors, including femto, pico, metro and micro-cell configurations and is available for both LTE FDD and TD-LTE variants.
The Aricent-Picochip eNBF reference framework includes Layer 2 and Layer 3 software from Aricent, which is optimised on the Cavium 56xx, 58xx, and 63xx processor family and integrated with Layer 1 software on Picochip’s PC7608/09 platform. The reference framework supports both Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) and Time Division Duplex (TDD) modes of operation and a variety of carrier frequencies. It also supports LTE advanced features like 2×2 DL MIMO and has an upgrade path to LTE-A and Release 10.
The integrated framework has been comprehensively tested for interoperability with both test UEs (Signalion and Aeroflex) and with commercial terminals, ensuring ready-to-build platform for TEMs. It has also passed IOT testing with commercial packet cores.

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