Wireless microphone ref design gets 100 hours out of 2 AA batteries

Nordic Semi and digital audio converter specialist AKM Semiconductor have announced the nRFready microphone reference design kit that provides a complete two-microphone audio streaming solution based on the recently announced Nordic nRF2460 2.4GHz mono audio streamer and AKM ADC/DAC audio converters. The solution delivers crystal clear, wireless 16-bit uncompressed audio with less than 22ms latency, excellent co-existence performance, over 100-hours of battery lifetime from two AA batteries, and a total BoM that supports competitive consumer product pricing.
The nRFready Microphone reference design kit includes two microphone boards, a receiver board with both USB and analogue interfaces, plus a complete set of design files, source code, and supporting documentation.
The microphone board integrates a Nordic nRF2460 2.4GHz audio streamer IC, AKM’s AK5700 16-bit mono ADC with microphone pre-amp and ALC (Automatic Loudness Control), a 3.5mm jack for the microphone, and a Microchip PIC16F684 Flash microcontroller.
The receiver board integrates two Nordic nRF2460 audio streamer ICs, two AKM AK4430 24-bit stereo DACs, an AKM AK5374 24-bit stereo ADC, and a Microchip PIC16F684 Flash microcontroller. To enable easy connection to PC-based or analogue audio systems both analogue (RCA) and USB audio interfaces are included on the receiver board.

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