Partnership to produce a white space radio designed for wireless internet service providers

Carlson and Neul are planning to jointly develop and market a new white space radio networking system that will bring affordable broadband to millions of under-served customers around the world. The companies will work closely with wireless internet service providers (WISPs) to bring affordable broadband connectivity to under-served regions around the globe. Volume shipments of the new system are planned before the end of 2011, with samples and development equipment available before then.

The Neul/Carlson system gives WISPs access to more than 100MHz of high quality white space radio spectrum in the UHF band. The propagation characteristics of UHF signals mean that line of sight is not always needed to the subscriber’s home. As a result WISPs using the new system will be able to deliver faster, more reliable service to more customers with the same network infrastructure.

Both companies have been at the forefront of the white space radio revolution with active trials in the US and the UK. Carlson was one of the first to implement successful TV white space-based broadband systems by virtue of experimental licenses, most notably on Native American reservations. Neul plays an active role in the Cambridge White Spaces Consortium, and has several wireless data trials currently underway in the UK.

Carlson and Neul plan to combine their strengths to deliver a high-bandwidth product that offers unrivalled range and signal penetration. This revolutionary product is designed for use in the US, UK and beyond. With approval from both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Ofcom (the UK’s spectrum regulatory entity), the companies plan to introduce the product to the open market by year’s end.

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