NMI appointment ‘will help members get R&D funding’

The UK’s National Microelectronics Institute (NMI) has appointed Dr Alastair McGibbon as its director of research, development and innovation policy. He heads a new service that will help members get better access to R&D funding.

Dr. McGibbon

The newly created service will help companies make R&D a core part of their growth strategy, the NMI says. It will offer a tailored diagnostic, advising companies on the relevant, available public and private funding; offer support to help win funding; and broker partnerships across business, academia and the supply chain. The role will also seek to align future government funding policies with the interests of the wider Electronic Systems community.
Dr McGibbon is an expert in using European and national funding for innovation, research and development as a business development tool. He brings over 25 years of direct industrial and academic experience in electronic systems management, R&D and strategic business development.
The creation of the new role has been well received and Iain Gray, CEO of the Technology Strategy Board said: “In my opinion the Electronic Systems community will benefit from presenting itself in a more cohesive fashion with clear linkages to the challenge-led agenda. I am therefore positive about this initiative and will be encouraging my team in the Technology Strategy Board to work closely with NMI on common interest areas.”

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