LED lighting manufacturer invests £120,000 in prototyping

Marl has invested £120,000 in tools for prototype and small batch production, to handle growing demand for its specialist LED lighting assemblies. The investment will allow Marl to turn around prototypes of its bespoke lighting solutions for customers and its own LED lighting products significantly faster.

The new machining centre and printed circuit board (PCB) router will allow Marl to turn around most prototypes within a week of the acceptance of a design by its customers. The tools produce housings, mechanical parts and circuit boards straight from the CAD (Computer Aided Design) output generated by Marl’s design team.

Marl has invested in an LPKF Protomat S100 PCB routing machine, a Hurco TM6 2-axis CNC (computer numerical control) lathe and a Hurco VM20 3 axis machining centre. The Hurco machines increase Marl’s capacity to produce prototype housings and mechanical parts by 50% and doubles the company’s rate of mould tool production. Both machines feature a high degree of automation, allowing designs to be built straight from the CAD files generated by Marl’s design team.

The LPKF PCB router is a state-of-the art system, which eliminates the need for Marl’s staff to handle hazardous etching chemicals. This CNC machine also works direct from CAD files, and can build single or double sided boards with up to two layers. It can produce aluminium clad boards, which is key for designs where thermal management is a factor. Using the machine, Marl can produce a prototype PCB in just a few hours.

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