Power companies team up for new digital reference design

Powervation has joined forces with Murata Power Solutions to co-develop a new reference design for Murata Power Solutions’ 45A Power Block. The CEB019 digital DC/DC power reference design uses Powervation’s newly-launched PV3012 dual phase digital synchronous buck controller with Auto-Control, which provides real-time adaptive loop compensation that helps to overcome issues related to variations in external components, temperature, and user layouts.

The combination of Powervation’s Auto-Control and precision telemetry, with Murata’s highly integrated high density power stage solves many challenges. Murata Power Solutions’ 45A dual phase Power Block occupies just 1.0”x0.5”, which according to the companies is the same footprint as most other Power Block offerings which are rated at only 25 – 35A. This ultra-dense LGA solution addresses many of the critical steps – layout, component matching, etc. – while providing excellent efficiency. When teamed with the PV3012 control IC, Power Block users can reduce their dependence on external engineering support when designing the system to their specific needs.

Powervation delivers the final piece of the puzzle as the PV3012’s Auto-Control technology eliminates the need for any external loop compensation, automatically dealing with large amounts of additional capacitance – including low ESR ceramics – changes in load steps, degradation in the power train over life, and also providing optimum transient performance.  Furthermore, PV3012 supports >50 PMBus commands and uses the SMBus serial interface to communicate precision real-time telemetry information.  With PV3012’s telemetry functionality, users are able to monitor system performance and to implement system level power reduction regimes including power capping, dynamic voltage scaling, etc.

The CEB019 reference design with engineering samples of Murata Power Solutions’ 45 A Power Block will be available from Powervation in Q4 2011.

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