Partnership ‘will develop the world’s first 3D Gesture Multi-touch Display’

Ident Technology and AU Optronics have announced a strategic partnership to jointly develop a new generation of Multi-touch and 3D Displays with integrated long range free-space 3D gesture control capabilities. The companies say the fast growing tablet PC market will be targeted first. 

Ident and  AUO plan to work together to combine Ident’s GestIC 3D gesture control chip with AUO’s 2D multi touch as well as 3D LCD Modules to deliver the world’s first LCD with integrated free-space gesture control functionality.

GestIC’s patented technology principle is based on near-field electric sensing. The chip’s 3D sensing capabilities provide real-time, robust, low-power tracking of free space hand or finger movements in front of a device such as a display. A user’s hand or finger motion hovering over the display area is translated into a broad range of pre-defined gesture commands as well as jitter-free positional data. In comparison to optical camera based systems, it works independently of the ambient environment, eliminates detection blind spots and requires minimal power.

The companies have agreed to jointly integrate GestIC into AUO’s LCM and develop the user interface concept. AUO will create, market and distribute their 2D multi touch and 3D Gesture displays that provide, along with the traditional display functionalities, a whole set of pre-loaded compelling applications that can be controlled by the consumer as simply as the wave of a hand.


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