Wolfson power management technology selected by Armadeus

Armadeus Systems has selected Wolfson’s WM8311 integrated power management subsystem to support its latest processor board, the APF51.

Aimed at the industrial market, Armadeus Systems’ APF51 processor features a 800Mz Freescale i.MX51x processor, 64MB to 512MB Low Power Double Data Rate (LPDDR) RAM and 256MB to 32GB SLC FLASH, and is designed to be easily integrated into an embedded system. It also features a Xilinx Spartan6 FGPA which allows it to support virtually any interface and allows the board to carry out hard real-time intensive data processing.

Wolfson’s WM8311 power management solution is targeted at the requirements of a range of low power portable consumer products, but is suitable for any application with a multimedia processor. The company says it is specifically designed to operate as a system PMIC supporting a variety of industry-standard processors and accessories. With a package pitch of 0.65mm, it includes 4 DC-DCs (3 bucks and one boost), 7 LDOs, a real-time clock, battery charger, touch panel interface and a programmable bootstrap configuration function.

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