Signal generator moves into the microwave range

Rohde & Schwarz has added new frequency options to its analogue mid-range signal generator. The R&S SMB-B120/B120L and R&S SMB-B140/B140L options (L versions without step attenuator) enable the generator variations to cover the frequency range from 100kHz to 20GHz and 100kHz to 40GHz, respectively. The R&S SMB100A can now handle everything from analogue RF to microwave applications.

Picture: Rohde & Schwartz

In the new frequency ranges, the R&S SMB100A still offers a wide dynamic range of -120 dBm to +14 dBm as standard. New high power options – the R&S SMB-B31 (for the 20 GHz model) and the R&S SMB-B32 (for the 40 GHz model) – make it possible to achieve an output power of max. +25 dBm. The new options allow users to skip the practice of looping in an external amplifier to achieve higher output power. This technique is now needed only when compensation is required to deal with attenuation in the test setup.

Occupying only two height units and with a width of ¾ 19″, the fully equipped 40 GHz model weighs only 6.9 kg, making it suitable for mobile use.

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