Flat and flexible speakers are a work of art

A poster showing a traditional loudspeaker that can play real music is one of the first commercial products to feature Warwick Audio Technologies’ Flat and Flexible Loudspeakers, which have been incorporated into the back of the poster.

Because they are as thin and lightweight as a sheet of paper, the speakers have enabled designer Finn Magee to pull off a neat visual trick: his poster looks like a regular picture, but a cable leaving the image can be connected to any music player, allowing viewers to become listeners. The posters, produced entirely in the UK, are made from a coated plastic that make them durable, while still lightweight and flexible.

Warwick Audio Technologies was set up to commercialise the innovative loudspeakers which were first developed at the University of Warwick. At between 0.25 and 1mm thick, the speakers can be contoured to fit into almost any space and the company is currently developing commercial product ideas with a wide range of companies, including car manufacturers and conference equipment manufacturers.

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