Connectivity solution offers way of retrofitting USB

FTDI has introduced a series of USB to digital level interface modules, in DB9 form factors to enable USB interconnection in legacy equipment without the need for alteration of the enclosure.

Picture: FTDI

The modules all utilise FTDI’s FT232R USB to serial UART bridge chip, which is capable of supporting data rates of 12 Mbits/s (USB Full Speed). Supplied in a compact 30.8 mm x 19.8 mm x 11.5 mm package, each of the modules uses a standard USB mini-B connector. They have an operational temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C, permitting them to be specified for heavy duty industrial applications. Drivers for the modules are available to download direct from the FTDI website.

The series comprises the DB9-USB-D3-F (3.3 V output female connector), DB9-USB-D3-M (3.3 V output male connector), DB9-USB-D5-F (5 V output female connector) and DB9-USB-D5-M (5 V output male connector).

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