Front-end modules support both WiFi and Bluetooth

Murata Europe’s latest frontend modules for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth applications integrate the company’s power amplifier, low noise amplifier and switching product into single packages. The MMID (Microwave Monolithic Integrated Devices) series currently comprises the MDFE2PFA-022 for the 2.45GHz band and the MDFE2PFA-023 for the 5GHz band.

Picture: Murata Europe

The modules can be combined with a radio chip to provide a connectivity solution for the mobile phone, portable device, and PC markets.

The line can support 802.11b/g and Bluetooth and/or 802.11a. Designers can use one or both front end modules to mix and match wireless networks with minimal design resources. Other benefits include optimised performance at low current consumption to save battery life.

According to the company’s European Product Manager Keisuke Katabuchi, the parts are already proven with Broadcom’s BCM4330 radio chipset and are flexible enough in terms of shape and size to allow placement anywhere on a board where there is space.

Murata says the lead-time for samples is two to three weeks and 12 to 14 weeks for production quantities.

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