Infineon automotive P-Channel MOSFETS improve energy efficiency

Infineon has introduced its latest family of single P-channel 40V automotive power MOSFETs produced using advanced trench technology. The company says its new 40V OptiMOS P2 products set new benchmarks in improved energy efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions and cost savings.

Picture: Infineon

The new product family offers a very low RDS(on) P-channel 40V MOSFET – just 2.4mΩ (at 10V in D²PAK packages) – and provides currents from 50A to 180A in various standard packages, for more than 30 derivatives.

Applied as High-Side switches in automotive bridge applications, the P-channel 40V OptiMOS P2 products do not require additional charge pump devices, saving cost and improving EMI performance. In combination with PWM (pulse width modulation) control, Infineon says the new devices offer a better thermal behaviour and better avalanche performance than N-channel MOSFETs. This makes them ideal for reverse battery protection and motor control applications in cars such as EPS (Electric Power Steering) motor controls, 3-phase and H-bridge motors i.e. windshield wipers, electric parking brake, HVAC fan controls, and electric pumps i.e. for water, oil and fuel.

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