Murata improves acoustic characteristics of thinnest piezoelectric speaker

Murata has enhanced the audio characteristics of its ultra-thin piezoelectric speaker. Measuring just 0.5mm in thickness, the VSLBP2115E1100 series is believed to be the world’s smallest piezoelectric speaker. By optimising the product’s structure and the use of new materials it has been possible to reduce distortion and increase sound pressure level without any change in the speaker’s size.

Picture: Murata

Distortion has been reduced by 50% in the voice frequency region of 2 to 4 kHz. Sound pressure improvements have been made in the low frequency regions of 1 kHz and below.

Having such small dimensions, the series is ideal for use in narrow spaces and is often used in a wide variety of compact personal electronics devices.

Using a piezoelectric device within the speaker means that no magnetic elements need to be used. This greatly aids design since no electromagnetic interference is created and it also reduces the likelihood of magnetic particles contaminating the speaker surface.

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