u-blox’ GPS chip used in Android phone for Chinese market

u blox’ ultra-sensitive GPS chip UBX-G6010-ST powers the GPS functionality in Meizu’s latest M9 multimedia smartphone with GPS, for the Chinese market. The M9 includes out-of-the-box GPS features such as navigator, digital compass, and accelerometer.

The M9 boasts a 3.54-inch high-resolution display with 16 million colors, multi-touch support, web browser, camera, HD media player, and 3D games. A vast library of location-based Apps can be downloaded via Google’s online Android Market.

“Meizu has quickly established itself as an innovation leader for smartphone design in China,” said Adrian Tan, General Manager of u-blox Asia. “Meizu’s choice of our u-blox 6 GPS chip was based on vital design criteria including chip size, sensitivity, quality, bill of materials, technical support, stand-alone and assisted-GPS operation. We are extremely pleased to meet their demanding expectations, and will continue to deliver our latest innovation to ensure the continued success of Meizu’s products.”

“For the M9, u-blox GPS technology was the clear choice,” Huang Botiao, Director at Meizu added.

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