CellGuide adds 3D Compasses to its GPS chip

CellGuide has chosen Baolab’s 3D NanoCompass IC to their GPS chip, to create the CLIOX-C integrated GPS and compass device. CellGuide says that integrating the Compass and GPS together enables ‘point and identify’ augmented reality features to be easily incorporated in mobile devices, tablets, and cameras.  The compass function further enhances the GPS system by providing immediate tunnel-exit and dead-reckoning features to assist in situations where the GPS signal is intermittent or not available.  

While the GPS and compass functions can operate simultaneously, they can also be accessed independently by the host device’s application processor, enabling efficient power management for demanding mobile applications.

The CLIOX-C GPS solution is based on CellGuide’s proven host-based SNAP technology providing highly competitive performance, while minimising system power.  Baolab’s electronic 3-axis CMOS MEMS NanoCompass technology inside the CLIOX-C is the first product made using its patented NanoEMS technology, to create nanoscale MEMS within the standard metal structure of a CMOS wafer using standard, high volume CMOS lines, that significantly reduces the cost of the compass by up to two thirds.

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