Turkcell and Huawei select NXP technology to launch first NFC-enabled smartphone in Turkey

NXP has announced that Turkish mobile phone operator Turkcell has selected the company’s PN544 near field communication (NFC) radio chip for Turkcell’s recently launched T20 smartphone.

Picture: NXP

The T20 handset, manufactured by Huawei, is a low-cost Android NFC-enabled smartphone. It will allow consumers to perform a variety of secure contactless transactions from convenient payments, data sharing, public transport, event ticketing and access control, while providing a secure, flexible and interoperable canvass to create the next experience in mobile-on-the-go.

Via the NFC-enabled phone, consumers can transform their physical wallet into a mobile one and provide an easy to use and secure mobile transaction environment for all the daily needs of Turkcell’s subscribers. Cep-T Cüzdan subscribers can also benefit from the discovery screen in the UI that allows them to know which cards they can include in their mobile wallet.

Offering secure data storage, payment and transaction, the T20 handset uses a secure element in the SIM card, which is connected to NXP’s NFC chip, PN544, via the single wire protocol (SWP). The resulting NFC solution enables secure wireless two-way communication between the T20 Smartphone and other phones, terminals or readers. NXP provides a fully compliant end-to-end NFC platform for handset manufacturers and operators enabling next generation NFC devices and services. Complementing the secure NFC solutions, NXP offers a complete open source software stack for NFC which is fully integrated and validated on the Gingerbread Android platform.

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